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Hansel MIETH was a documentary photographer and painter. She was born, 1909 April 9, in Fellbach, Germany, moved to the United States, photographed for Life magazine, farmed and died, 1998 February 14, at her home Singing Hills in Santa Rosa, California which was built by her husband Otto HAGEL (www.OttoHagel.com).

Unfortunately, not a lot has been done that is available on the 'net since Hansel's death. So here's the "news" i've gathered.

Here is a link to Nancy SCHIESARI's web page from 1999 that, at least, has some history and images.

Well, there's been considerable progress on Nancy's film about Hansel which will be shown on PBS on 2003 May 27! Check the bottom of that page for details.

A play by Edith KOERBER and Geza Revay was staged from 2002 nov 22 for 5 days in Stuttgart, Germany near Hansel's home town of Fellbach. It's all in German, so just click on "Repertoire 2002/03" and then click on Im Tal Der Singenden Hugel. But it's all in German, of course, and i don't know the language.

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