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Union WAGE (1971-1982)

I was a photographer for the Union Wage newspaper from 1971 to 1979. This 24–piece exhibit of photographs, collages, and reproductions of the Union WAGE newspaper was originally shown at UC Berkeley’s Institute of Industrial Relations, August 2003–January 200

This exhibit is available for rent. Cathy is also available to give a slide lecture on Union WAGE.

Union Women's Alliance to Gain Equality (Union WAGE) was an organization of socialist and progressive women from 1971 through 1982. It supported women organizing in the work place and included struggles for democratic rank and file unions. Most of its work was in the San Francisco Bay Area, although chapters formed in Seattle, Indiana and New York. Growing out of a NOW conference at UC Berkeley in 1971, Union WAGE was distinctive in connecting older women who had been activists since the 1930s with a new generation of women labor activists, feminists and lesbian feminists.


To learn more about Union WAGE and see the photographs of this exhibit visit: www.iir.berkeley.edu/exhibit/cade

All photographs are protected by © copyright law. For permission to use and other information, please email Cathy@CathyCade.com or phone: 510/251-2774.

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