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"The Whole World's Watching:

Peace and Social Justice Movements of the 1960s & 1970s"

Originally shown at the Berkeley Art Center the fall of 2001, this show is currently traveling under the auspices of the California Exhibition Resources Alliance. Contact Lisa Eriksen ceraexhibits@earthlink.net for scheduling and rental information.

TWA Flight Attendants Strike, S.F. 1973.

TWA, Pan American, American, and United Airlines had a "mutual aid pact"such that TWA was receiving $2,000,000 a day from the other airlines enabling them to delay contract negotiations while the flight attendants were on strike. The Transport Workers Union, subpoenaed TWA's books, the federal court agreed to hear the case and a contract settlement was quickly negotiated. (from Union WAGE newspaper Jan-Feb., 1974).

Solstice Moon Goddess, 1975.


Mud Lady, 1975.

A weekend camp-out and women's music gathering, in the country east of San Diego, California.

The Book
The Whole World's Watching available at your local bookseller or at www.berkeleyartcenter.org

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