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Smaller Projects

Record a special story

Margaret wrote by hand a 20 page account of her family and life. I edited the account, arranged photographs, copied the manuscript and created a cover for five copies in binders.

Margaret asked me to retype and edit letters she had written home describing Swiss village life in 1957. I added copies of slides Margaret had taken at the time and made seven copies in binders.

"Speaking of Elise" is a 21-page tribute to my mother who died in 2000. It is made up of eulogies spoken at her services...

...and drawings by Elise. Drawings by Elise, Caribbean, 1961. 75 "5x8" booklets were photo copied.


Cost: The smaller projects run from $400 to $2000.

All photographs are protected by © copyright law. For permission to use and other information, please email Cathy@CathyCade.com or phone: 510/251-2774.

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