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SF Dyke March:

Photos by Cathy Cade & Jane Clelland

This exhibit consists of 37 black & white, color and hand colored photographs from various years of the SF Dyke March. It also includes tee shirts, signs, and banners. A 15-minute video of participants talking about what the Dyke March means to them can be shown as part of the exhibit. This exhibit with the video was originally shown at the SF Main Public Library, May–July 200

The first Dyke March, organized by activists from the Bay Area and New York, was held in 1993 the Saturday night before the huge LGBT March on Washington. Since then, Dyke Marches have sprung up in most major US cities, as well as in Mexico City and Paris.

At the S. F. Dyke March, over 30 thousand women dance and revel in their dykeness -- a name still used to disarm, humiliate and isolate women. The Dyke March exhibit is meant to extend and expand the liberating effects of the Dyke March beyond one day of a year and to allow non-dykes to understand and participate.

The SF Dyke March Video
Along with photo stills and video footage of various years of the rally and march, 29 lesbians from a variety of backgrounds talk about what the Dyke March means to them. In June the video was viewed by over 500 lesbians as part of the SF International GLBT Film Festival.

To obtain a copy of the SF Dyke March video send a donation of $25 or more to the Dyke march Project. Make checks payable to Cathy Cade; send to 407 Orange St. #101, Oakland, Ca 94610 along with where you want the video mailed.

For information on many different dyke marches visit: www.dykemarch.org.

All photographs are protected by © copyright law. For permission to use and other information, please email Cathy@CathyCade.com or phone: 510/251-2774.

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