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What's New?

November 2005

Aya and Stuart's Wedding, exchanging rings, 2005

Alan's birthday cake, 2005

Client Projects

Bev's snap shot of her self-portrait.

The self-portrait improved.

Photograph Enhancement

This year I've been working on a photo memoir called "The Life and Loves of Beverly Hickok." I will post more when it's finished. For now I want to show you an example of what I was able to do to enhance Bev's snap shot.


Old Lesbians Organizing for Change March Against the War Sept. 20005.

Personal Projects

Jean Jullion's sculpture at her home in Jenner, Ca., 2005

Fall in my patio, 2005

My New Home

I have relocated to my new home (see new contact info), complete with a small patio garden.

What's New Archives

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