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"Changing the World, Building New Lives"

Building Feminist & Lesbian Cultures

Sensei Fukuda of Suko Joshi Judo Club.
San Francisco, 1974.

Sensei Fukuda with Lori Sako demonstrating "Juno Kata". In 2001 Sensei Fukuda, at 88 years old, received the highest degree judo black belt.

Gente Gospeliers,
A Women's Celebration at the Oakland Museum. Oakland, 1975.

The singing group, Gente Gospeliers, developed out of a softball team of lesbians of color known as Gente. Left to right: Joanne Garrett, Anita Onang, Pat Parker, Linda Tillery, Jay Casselberry. The three women on the left all died too young of cancer.

Fat Chance. Berkeley, 1979.
Lynn Ellen Marcus, Hannah Bannan,Martha Courtot (hidden), Judy Freespirit, and Leah Kushner.

In the winter of 1979 a group of fat lesbians living in Sonoma County asked a local dance teacher, Barbara Penny, to provide a class specifically for fat women. By June the group had a name and was dancing and reading their own writings--for women only. From A Lesbian Photo Album: The Lives of Seven Lesbian Feminists by Cathy Cade (Waterwomen Books, 1987).

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