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Photography Services

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions / Costs

Q: Do you use film or a digital camera?

A: I mostly use film because of the better quality. I can have your images put onto a CD.

Q: Do you prefer shooting black & white or color film?

A: It depends on the job. If people's actions and expressions are primary, I prefer black & white, if color is part of the subject matter I use color.

Q: Will you come to my house or work place or do I come to you?

A: I prefer to come to your home or work place, a park, etc.

Q: Who owns the negatives?

A: You own the negatives.

Q: What's your training?

A: Over 30 years ago I had lessons from a photographer friend, since then trial and error in the darkroom has been my teacher.

Q: Can I just do it myself or have a friend help me?

A: You might be able to, but you can also have help and the benefit of all that I've learned. You may not have the time right now to take on the whole project. I also provide coaching for photographers to share my skills.

Q: Will I feel comfortable with you?

A: I'll do my best to help you relax and enjoy our time together. I can give you names of past clients you can contact.

Q: I'm not a lesbian will we work well together?

A: Probably. I like people and approach each project as a collaboration with my clients. I work with all kinds of people.

Q: What are the costs?

A: $360 for a portrait session yielding approximately 30 work prints and one 8x10 custom print. More prints are available at a per print price. For larger projects contact me for an estimate.


Complete Package
Pregnancy portrait, new born portrait & transcribed birth story: $ 940.

Pregnancy Portrait
Sitting fee, proof & one 8x10 print: $360.

New Born Portrait
Full portrait session: $360.

Birth Story
Recorded and Transcribed; $400
Recorded only: $200.
Add a brief new born portrait session: $200.

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