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"Changing the World, Building New Lives"


In the 1970s women were demonstrating for gay rights, for an end to Samoza's dictatorship in Nicaragua and in defense of Yvonne Wanrow and Inez Garcia. Nurses and flight attendants were on strike. Lesbian mothers, disabled women and their supporters were in the streets defending their right to raise children. The Berkeley/Oakland Women's Chorus was singing songs of revolution and witches. Women were becoming auto mechanics and welders. Cathy Cade, a participant in many of these movements, captured these images and more. A number of frames show how the photos were used in movement media.

Gay is Good, San Francisco, 1971.

The last big anti-Vietnam War march in San Francisco was April 21, 1971. I came out as a lesbian that day. In Washington D.C. anti-war Vietnam Vets were camped out at the Washington Monument in defiance of a Supreme Court decision to remove them. The D.C. police refused to make arrests.

We Have the Right to Have Children, S.F. 1979.

Demonstrations to pressure the federal government to support the rights of people with disabilities.

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