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December 2004

Personal History Clients

In February I went to Chicago to begin work on family photo albums with Jean and her daughters. We edited and identified photos, which I brought home to make into albums. I also recorded eight hours of Jean talking about her life. Jean has a memory disease so we were delighted to discover ways to help her tell her life stories.

With another client I completed 12 hours of interviews about her life which she will use to write her autobiography. I am currently contacting women's archival institutions seeking a home for this client's wonderful collection of her poetry and photographs as well as her documents of the Freedom Songs network, her work with unions, and the women's movement of the early 1970s.

My Family, The Movement, and Me
by Cathy Cade.

My Civil Rights Memoir

In keeping with the saying that you shouldn't ask anything of your clients that you haven't done yourself, I have written a memoir of some of my experiences in the Southern Civil Rights Movement. Focused on how my being in the movement affected my white family, this memoir is built around recent interviews with my siblings, letters to and from my parents while I was in jail in Albany, Georgia and unexpected stories of what came after. [55 pages].

For more information on the Southern Civil Rights Movement Visit: www.crmvet.org.

For an online copy of my memoir visit www.crmvet.org and choose "Our Stories".

For a print copy of this memoir make check to Cathy Cade for $18, send to 407 Orange St. #101 Oakland, CA 94610


Pat Bond Old Dyke Award

At a joyous event this March, along with 6 other lesbians over 60, I received the Old Dyke Award in recognition of contributions to the lesbian and wider Bay Area community.

Tradeswomen's Conference, April 2004, Sacramento, California

SF Dyke March Project

After two years of planning and grant writing the Dyke March Photo Project mounted its first exhibit, The S F Dyke march: Photos by Cathy Cade & Jane Clelland at the SF Main Public Library from May to July.

The Video. This spring the project also completed a 15-minute video on the SF Dyke March. Along with photo stills and video footage of various years of the rally and march, 29 lesbians from a variety of backgrounds talk about what the Dyke March means to them. In June the video was viewed by over 500 lesbians as part of the SF International GLBT Film Festival. It will be submitted to other GLBT film and video festivals around the world. Copies of the video have already made their way to Iceland, Novisibirsk and Moscow and are on their way to Puerto Rico.

To obtain your own copy of the SF Dyke March video send a donation of $25 or more to the Dyke March Project. Make checks payable to Cathy Cade, send to 407 Orange St. #101 Oakland, CA 94610 along with where you want the video mailed.

For information on many different dyke marches visit: www.dykemarch.org.

Leojo Cade, 2004

Carl Cade, 2004

On a personal note:

my youngest son, Leojo, completed his first year at UC Berkeley. Carl is in L.A. working for the California Charter Schools Association.


June 2002

A portfolio of 25 original matted prints by Cathy Cade is newly available at the San Francisco Public Library's History Center. Photo collections can be viewed Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1-5 and Saturday 10-12, 1-5. The library is located at the Civic Center, 100 Larkin Street at Grove. The portfolio is one was of several commissioned by the James C. Hormel Gay and Lesbian Center of the library. For more information: http://sfpl.lib.ca.us

A Jewish Voice for Peace. San Francisco, 2002

Recent photos from the Middle East anti-war march in S.F. April, 20, 2002.

I Am Not the Enemy. San Francisco, 2002


Palestinian Boy/ US Young Men. San Francisco, 2002

All photographs are protected by © copyright law. For permission to use and other information, please email Cathy@CathyCade.com or phone: 510/251-2774.

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